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    Welcome to the No Insurance Medical Supplies online wheelchair shop. We have the best wheelchairs for sale on the market, offering a wide selection of the best brands and top-rated products worldwide. Our goal is to provide only high-quality mobility aid devices available at the best prices.

    When scrolling on our site, you’ll only see trusted brands with a long history of delivering long-lasting and innovative medical devices. The list includes Drive Medical, Vive Health, and Invacare, all leaders in the industry. Whether you need manual or electric wheelchairs, we’re here to fulfill all your needs.

    But, before you dive into the world of mobility aid products, let’s get an idea of the types of chairs you need to know about and factors to consider before buying.

    Types of Wheelchairs

    Before choosing the suitable device for you, you must get familiar with the different types available on the market. As a trusted seller, we only collaborate with the highest-quality companies to deliver an impressive selection of wheelchairs. Although there are numerous groups of wheelchairs, we’ll mainly stick to the two largest: manual and motorized wheelchairs. Other groups include pediatric, sports, positioning, beach, and standing chairs.

    Manual Wheelchairs

    This is one of the largest groups propelled by the person sitting on the chair. If it’s a transport chair, the person driving is standing behind the chair and pushing it. They can range from ultra-lightweight to heavy-duty and can be made of different materials (aluminum, titanium, steel, etc.). The main types of manual chairs are transport, folding frame, and rigid frame. These chairs are usually cheaper than motorized but slightly harder to use since they require muscle power.

    Powered Wheelchairs

    A power wheelchair is powered by a battery and is generally heavier and more expensive than a manual. In addition, these chairs are much easier to use since the person sitting doesn’t have to use their muscle power. They’re ideal for people who struggle with disabilities and can also be controlled by someone not sitting on a chair. We sell a wide variety of electric chairs at different price points. For example, the Vive Health Mobility Powerchair is one of the best portable electric wheelchairs, and we sell it at the best price.


    These chairs are meant for kids and are smaller than regular chairs. In general, these portable wheelchairs have advanced features that help kids easily move around. One of the best examples for this category is the Invacare 9000 Jymni Pediatric Wheelchair with a cool print, adjustable seating position, foldable, simple to transport, and more.

    Factors to Consider When Buying a Wheelchair

    How can you choose the best chair for you? Seeing so many products on our site can be confusing; therefore, we created a short guide to help you pick the best chair.


    You can find the wheelchair weight in the description part for every product. There are regular chairs and lightweight chairs that are made to make things easier for whoever’s using them. In general, motorized wheelchairs are heavy, while manual ones are divided into four categories. These chairs can be ultra-lightweight, lightweight, standard, and heavy-duty. For example, the Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair by Drive Medical is one of the best on the market because it offers many advanced features, and we ship it free to your door.


    Most manufacturers offer you to pick a size for your new wheelchair. However, many wheelchairs come in fixed sizes. For example, the most common seat sizes for standard chairs are 16” for skinny people, 18” for average people, and 20” for bigger people. You can also find some chairs with a seat that is 28” wide and more.

    The sizes for transport wheelchairs are small, medium, and large. Small chairs come with seats between 15” and 17”, medium seats are between 17” and 19”, and large seats are between 19” and 24”.

    Weight Capacity

    The weight capacity of the chair is also significant. Most chairs can carry between 250 and 300 lbs. If you weigh more than this, you’ll need to get a heavy-duty wheelchair. Some chairs have a capacity to carry up to 700 lbs, so ensure to check this information in the product description before buying. The heavy-duty chairs also have a wider seat that’s generally between 20 and 30”.

    Standard or Transport Chairs

    Standard wheelchairs are the ones you propel yourself to get moving. The second group, called transport or travel chairs, is meant for people who can’t propel their own chairs and need help from another person. Standard chairs have two smaller wheels in the front part and two large in the back part. Travel chairs are generally lightweight wheelchairs and have four small wheels and no large wheels.

    Once you pick the best product for yourself, you can add it to your cart and check out within minutes. The payment methods we accept are credit and debit cards, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. In addition, we offer a few financing options you can apply for and enjoy the benefits.

    All orders in the continental United States come with FREE shipping, and the minimum order to enjoy this benefit is $89.00. You can also choose expedited shipping; however, you’ll have to cover the costs. The free shipping doesn’t apply to rentals. All orders received after 1:00 p.m. EST are shipped the next business day unless the following day is a holiday or weekend. Orders received after 1:00 p.m. EST on Friday are shipped on Monday. We must mention that it takes up to 10 days for some orders to be processed.

    We also have special returns and refunds rules you should get familiar with to avoid any issues. Customers who aren’t happy with their products or simply want to change their orders must get in touch with our customer service. Due to Covid-19, we don’t accept returns at the moment, but you should keep in mind that it might change. To avoid any unwanted situations, we advise you to read the description of every product very carefully before ordering.

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