Freedom Single Battery Kit

Battery Power Solutions SKU: BPS_FD.1.KIT
Freedom Single Battery Kit
Freedom Single Battery Kit
Freedom Single Battery Kit
Freedom Single Battery Kit
Freedom Single Battery Kit

Freedom Single Battery Kit

Battery Power Solutions SKU: BPS_FD.1.KIT
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The Freedom Travel CPAP Battery Pack from Battery Power Solutions (BPS) is a lithium ion battery built upon the success of the C-100 Travel Battery. The Freedom battery is sleek in design and offers functional features such as a built-in USB port and a digital display.

  • Portable & Sleek Design
  • Digital Display with Charge Level
  • Compatible with Popular CPAPs
  • Battery Backup Option
  • Built-In 5V USB Port
  • Double Battery Option
  • Useful Optional Components

Portable & Sleek Design with Digital Display

The Freedom CPAP Battery features a modern white design and is sized to be carried on flights, camping trips, and other situations which may not provide AC power. The battery weighs 1.7 lbs and measures approximately 7.5 in L x 4.8 in W x 0.8 H. The battery meets FAA requirements for carry-on luggage, however please check with specific airlines for more information on in-flight use. The front of the battery features a digital display with an easy to read charge level to aid in charging and detailing the time remaining.

Compatible with Popular CPAPs

The Freedom CPAP battery can power most CPAP machines either with the included components or with components that can be purchased separately.

  • Compatible with Included Components:
  • PR System One 60 Series Machines: Tip "W"
  • PR System One 50 Series Machines: Tip "N"
  • Respironics M Series Machines: Tip "N"
  • DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Machines: Tip "J"
  • PB GoodKnight 420 Series of Machines: Tip "J"

  • Compatible with Additional Components:
  • ResMed S9 Machines: Add 24V Power Converter for Freedom Travel Battery Pack
  • ResMed S8 Machines: Add DC Converter For S8 Machines to the Freedom Travel Battery
  • Somnetics Transcend Machines: Add Transcend Mobile Power Adapter to the Freedom Travel Battery
  • AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10 Machines: Add 24V Power Converter for Freedom Travel Battery Pack
  • DreamStation Machines: Add DreamStation 12V Power Converter for Freedom CPAP Travel Battery Pack
  • IntelliPAP 2 Machines: Add DC Power Cord for IntelliPAP 2 CPAP Machines to the Freedom Travel Battery
  • Machines WITHOUT DC Capability: Add the 150W Modified Sine Wave Inverter for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Packs which will provide AC power from the battery. Please note that the inversion process will reduce run time of the battery by approximately half.

  • Additional Components Recommended by Manufacturer

    Although the manufacturer of the Freedom Battery Pack includes connector tips for use with Respironics machines, Philips Respironics recommends using the following DC Cables with their machines:

    • Shielded DC Cord for PR System One 60 Series Machines for the PR System One 60 Series line of machine
    • 12 Volt DC Power Cord (Connects CPAP to Cigarette Lighter Socket) for the PR System One and M Series line of machines
    • Shielded DC Cord for DreamStation CPAP Machines for the DreamStation line of machines

The Freedom battery also includes the DC Input Cord allowing previously purchased DC cables to be used with the battery.

Battery Backup Option

The Freedom CPAP Battery has both an input and output port on the front of the battery, enabling it to be used as a battery backup when a power outage is imminent. The battery is capable of recognizing when AC power is present, and if so will direct the AC power to the device, without cycling the battery. Should AC power fail, the battery will kick in to provide power to the device.

To set up, plug the included AC battery charger into the "DC In" port of the battery to provide power to the battery, and then plug the appropriate connection into the "DC Out" port of the battery and into the CPAP machine.

Built-In 5V USB Port

Also included on the front of the Freedom battery is a USB port that can power additional devices. Electronics powered by USB can be plugged in to charge or be used while a CPAP or other device is being used via the "DC Out" port using the proper connector tip or accessory. Please note that powering two devices will decrease the run time of the battery. To use the USB port, plug the device into the USB port, and press the charge level indicator button next to the display to activate the USB port. When use of the USB port is complete, unplug the USB cable from the battery.

Double Battery Option

Using the included power pigtail cord, a second Freedom Battery Cell can be purchased and attached to double the run time. Having a second battery can prove very useful if in situations where a single battery would not provide a full night of power, such as having to use an inverter, or heated humidifier, both of which reduce normal run time in half.

Useful Optional Components

There are several optional components which have great uses when paired with the Freedom CPAP Travel Battery:

  • DC to DC Cable for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Packs: This DC to DC cable allows the battery to be charged directly from another DC source such as a vehicles cigarette lighter style 12V outlet, as long as the vehicle is running. Please note the battery takes approximately 4-5 hours to charge.
  • Connector Tips for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Pack for CPAP Machines (7 Pack): The 7 pack of connector tips includes the 3 connector tips that are provided with the Freedom Battery Pack, along with additional sizes which can power other electronic devices.

The equivalent lithium ion content of the C-100 battery cells is less than 8 grams.

  • Equivalent Lithium Ion Content: Less Than 8 grams
  • Battery Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Battery Dimensions: 7.5 in L x 4 7/8 in W x 7/8 in D
  • Battery Charger Weight: 7.5 oz
  • Battery Charger with Power Cord Weight: 9.7 oz
  • Battery with Battery Charger and Cords: Approx. 2.25 lbs
  • Charger Cord Length (Attached Cord) - Not Including Connectors: 47 in
  • Power Cord Length - Not Including Connectors: 44 in
  • DC Power Pigtail Cord Length - Not Including Connectors: 6 in
  • DC Input Cord Length - Not Including Connectors: 4 in
  • Power Output of C-100 Battery Pack: 9 - 12.6V / 0 - 4.5A (8A Max) / 97.68Wh
  • Maximum Device Power Demand: 8A or Less
  • Charger Input Requirements: 100 to 240VAC / 50-60HZ max 0.35A / 60W min
  • Charger Output: 19VDC / 3.16A
  • Charging Time When Fully Discharged: 4 - 5 Hours
  • Shelf Life Without Use: Decreases by 20% Every 90 Days
  • Charging Before Storage: Charge to Approx 40% Prior to Storage
  • Battery Life: 400 to 500 charging cycles
  • Battery Warranty: 6 Months
  • Battery Case Materials: Aluminum Alloy Shell
  • Disposal: Lithium Ion Batteries Should be Recycled. Dispose of the lithium ion battery in accordance with local regulations.
  • Battery
  • AC Battery Charger with Cord
  • J, N, and W Connector Tips
  • DC Power Pigtail Cord
  • DC Input Cord

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