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Things To Know When Traveling With Your CPAP Equipment

Things To Know When Traveling With Your CPAP Equipment

We all love to travel! Whether it is for personal reasons, family vacations or as a business trip, we need to be prepared. Before you go; pack your toothbrush, your CPAP and take a moment to read this article! You will be grateful that you chose to be safe than sorry each and every time.

What Should I Prepare?

There are a lot of things to prepare but these simple procedures might cross our minds. Packing our CPAP machines are a big necessity and it is important to clean the machine the night before so you can travel with a clean machine and not worry about cleanings along the way. Be sure you pack extra filters, tubes and your mask.

Another important thing to carry is either your bedside organizer or a separate bag/case for your medical equipment so you don't crush or damage your expensive products. Make sure you pack it in a place that is both easily accessible for you and medical staff.

Call your doctor; make sure your prescriptions are travel safe, that traveling is safe for you and that you have all your medical info on hand if needed. 

Helpful Airline Policies & Regulations

While many airlines are open and courteous of CPAP users, you should definitely call your airline service and see what their standards and regulations are. CPAP machines are usually considered a "free carry-on bag" since it is medical equipment. Certain airlines may have restrictions based on sizes or due to technical issues, but services such as JetBlue and AmericanAirlines allow you to bring it on board free of charge! If you need to contact an airline company fast, Twitter seems  to be the best outlet recently.

Remember, it is very important to label everything so it is easier for anyone, such as travel service providers who need to review anything you have, to easily clear and confirm your equipment with no mix ups or delays. You can even pack items in clear bags making it easy for staff to see you are a CPAP user.

Products That Make Traveling Easier

Fortunately with today's technology, traveling is getting easier! There are a few simple things you can bring to make the journey a whole lot easier.

Travel Case - an essential item that is perfect for any CPAP user and CPAP machine. It is equipped with various pockets, compartments, and seals tightly which secures products in place. Some cases are more durable than others and are even waterproof!

Battery Pack - Keep the fresh air coming with a long lasting, rechargeable battery pack! Whether you are camping, flying or at sea, these battery packs are compact, easy to carry and will keep you worry free as they power all of your medical equipment all day long!

What Else Can I Prepare?

If you think you are all done, think again! Here are some smaller, minor details you can tackle down and make sure your trip is perfect! Calling the hotel to make sure they provide enough outlets by the bed is a must, especially if you're packing a lot of equipment.

Check where the nearby/local hospitals are in case of an emergency. It is important to have their information on hand just in case. Don't forget to always "think portable!" Everything is travel-ready nowadays, so it is better to bring equipment such as portable nebulizers and battery packs so you don't need to make any rush trips back to the hotel or nearest hospital. 

Now that you are feeling more prepared, are you ready to travel? Let us know about some other amazing travel tips you might via Facebook or Twitter so we can share this great advice with our followers and the rest of the CPAP community! 


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