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What Should I Have Before Placing An Order For Medical Equipment Online/In Person

What Should I Have Before Placing An Order For Medical Equipment Online/In Person

When purchasing items through medical suppliers online, there are a few things you should be preparing. In order to make your transaction and overall experience a smooth one, it is good to get these few unexpected items ready and be prepared with the following questions and answers to our own.


Depending on the product, you are required to have a prescription from your doctor in order to receive medical equipment. If it is a rental, the same methods are necessary to be deemed a good fit to rent with (since some suppliers have the right to deny you service). Be sure to call your doctor and have your prescription information ready because you must supply exact information in order to be considered. 

Doctor's Recommendations

Looking to get a specific machine but unsure if it is the right product for you? While we can deliver and answer any of your questions online or over the phone, it is better to consult your doctor directly and ask what their recommendations for your condition might be. Be sure to tell us the recommendations so we can also provide more accurate medical equipment for your medical needs. 

System Settings

When sending out rentals, we require information about your test results, breathing conditions and other requirements in order to properly adjust the equipment settings to your needs. We always have recommendations and show our customers how to adjust the settings properly. However, to make it more tailored to your needs, it is better to have professionally trained associates handle it for you and provide a quality product.

Finance Plan or Another Acceptable Form of Payment

Are you looking to buy but do not have all the money for a specific product yet? Not a problem! You can easily apply for many of our medical loan and care providers in order to initiate monthly financing or repayment systems. Just go to the finance section on our homepage and apply from there. For example, you can click on CareCredit and be signed up in minutes and ready to buy your new product within the hour! Now that's service!

Ask Questions

Lastly, before buying anything, be sure to have all your questions prepared and ready to ask our highly trained staff to assist you. Whether it is about prescriptions, medical equipment preferences, rental agreements and how to apply for monthly financing, we will gladly assist you and provide 5-star service!

Now that you can confidently shop online with this guide, what are you waiting for? It is time to purchase your first piece of medical equipment with us!

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It’s great that this article discussed how, depending on the device, a prescription from your doctor is necessary in order to obtain medical equipment. The same procedures are required to be accepted as a good fit to rent from if it is a rental (because certain suppliers have the ability to refuse your service). In order to be taken into consideration, you must provide correct information while calling your doctor, therefore be prepared with your prescription information. This will be beneficial to my sister, who wants to get a blood pressure monitor for our mother so that we can monitor it. She should definitely take your advice in mind, in my opinion.

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