Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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    65 products

    Portable oxygen concentrators are small assistive devices that draw oxygen from the surrounding air and deliver it to patients. These medical devices are highly beneficial to people who suffer from respiratory diseases such as obstructive lung disease. A portable oxygen concentrator is an excellent alternative to a home oxygen concentrator as it's small and discreet.

    What Are the Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

    There are many advantages that come with owning portable oxygen machines like the Philips oxygen concentrator. To begin with, you’ll enjoy more freedom and mobility. Portable concentrators allow you to do grocery shopping, engage in an active lifestyle and generally improve your quality of life. Being able to interact with people outside also improves your mental well-being and generally makes you happier.

    Nowadays, there are even portable oxygen tanks approved by the FAA, allowing you to fly to your destinations worry-free.

    Technological advancement has also led to these portable units being smaller and lightweight. They can be easily carried in backpacks and concealed for privacy. Because they take up less space, you can easily store them in cabinets inside your home or within storage compartments of your car.

    Which Portable Oxygen Concentrator Should You Get?

    When buying an oxygen concentrator, you should factor in its weight, capacity, oxygen delivery rate, and battery life. There are many portable options, and each model suits different needs. No Insurance Medical Supplies offers a variety of these products, such as the Philips Respironics oxygen concentrator for medical needs. These products vary in different ways, from size to design, usability, and battery life, among other features. Here are a few of the best portable oxygen concentrators.

    1. Precision Medical 3L EasyPulse Oxygen Concentrator

    This lightweight oxygen concentrator is designed to provide oxygen for long durations and has a capacity of three liters. It is the best product to get for someone who is in constant need of oxygen but needs to get out. The concentrator is powered by a lithium-ion standard battery for extended power supply and offers the option of an external battery to double the duration.

    It is easy to use as it comes with a dial and a button to control the flow settings. Additionally, there is an indicator for battery power, as well as an LED display panel and an alarm. Lastly, the device is FAA-approved and can be used on commercial airlines.

    2. Invacare XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Carrying Case

    Weighing just 6.4lbs, this portable oxygen concentrator is one of the most compact oxygen tanks on our list. It features a simple control panel for easy and quick operation. In addition, it comes with a durable carrying case.

    This oxygen device uses Invacare Sensi-Pulse technology that allows one to customize oxygen bolus sizes as per patient demand. It comes with a supplementary battery and is FAA-approved.

    3. Life Corporation StartSystem 6-12 LPM Emergency Oxygen Unit

    This is a unique portable oxygen concentrator designed for emergency cases, and it comes equipped with an AED for first-aid services. It includes a resuscitator with mouth-to-mask CPR and a refillable aluminum cylinder.

    The small portable oxygen concentrator can fit in tight spaces, and it packs fifteen minutes of oxygen supply, making it ideal as a secondary source of supplemental oxygen. It includes a reading gauge to check oxygen levels. On top of all these benefits, you also get a five-year warranty on the product. The oxygen tank is lightweight and can double down as a home oxygen concentrator.

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    Portable concentrators are great choices if you want to have an easier traveling without the inconvenience of large home concentrators. If you are on long-term oxygen therapy and need concentrators with high oxygen delivery, you should try the Philips oxygen concentrator. It offers an impressive oxygen flow rate of five liters per minute, has a compact design, and is lightweight to ease transportation. Models like Everflo oxygen concentrator also operate quietly, and their filters normally last for up to 8000 hours of operation.

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