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5 Easy Ways You Can Get That Good Night's Rest

5 Easy Ways You Can Get That Good Night's Rest

The perfects night's sleep isn't something impossible just because you have to rely on a CPAP machine. Although it may seem uncomfortable or embarrassing at first, CPAP machines provide  the brilliant service of a sound and safe rest - whether you're napping or going for a full 8 hours! However, there are still 5 other beneficial methods you can still utilize to ensure a great night's rest.

1. Daily Exercise

It might be obvious, but exercise is an appropriate method to induce fatigue and lull your body into a resting phase. It is known that many users of CPAP machines are also overweight, so a routined exercise regimen can be highly rewarding in correcting sleep apnea symptoms and enforcing a better change in your sleeping cycles.

2. Meditation

Just as important as exercising, meditation is another valuable practice that can help aid your sleeping habits. Meditating can help balance your mind, breathing, heart rate and blood circulation - all crucial actors that are related to sleep apnea. It is believed that laying still in bed for more than 12 minutes can create a sleep induced state, shutting the body functions down to a slower pace and allowing you to transition into sleep more effortlessly. Try meditating while using your CPAP and see how much more conscious you will be of your breathing patterns. Don't forget to turn on your humidifier while meditating! 

3. Changing Your Face Mask

The face masks CPAP users need is dire in creating the most perfect and comforting experience. Yet, some do not adjust their masks properly or often! Be sure the size is snug enough to not slide off but also not constricting your head. Be sure to also change your mask regularly if you're not taking care of it hygienically. A new, fresh mask is as good as a set of new fresh sheets.

4. Watch What You Eat!

Food is another necessity in this world that we simply an't get enough of, but have you realized what your eating even effects your breathing and sleeping behaviors? Acid reflux problems can lead to congestion, cough and other respiratory problems. Everything you intake can quite possibly cause harm to your body, especially if you choose the wrong things such as smoking, drugs and alcohol. If you're using a CPAP machine, avoid a majority of these things altogether. 

5. Change Your Environment

Have you ever taken the time to look around and analyze your environment? Is it rather dry and making it harder to breathe or is it too moist and damp? Maybe you're surrounded by a ton of pets (which causes dandruff) or work in a rather dusty office. Whatever the case may be, these are all harmful to your breathing! It may feel strange at first, but it is definitely useful and recommended to wear a face mask and help filter out unnecessary debris and harmful particles you do not want to be breathing in to begin with. This also helps you avoid catching (or spreading) viruses among others as well. Be sure to clean your sleeping area regularly and investing in an air quality machine is a major first step in the right direction for fixing your environment in the long run.

Now that you know these fundamental 5 tips, which one are you going to try first? Let us know how these changes might have already effected your life and share with other CPAP users your unique experiences.

Disclaimer: Please note that none of these methods, suggestions or tips are meant to replace or discourage you from using CPAP machinery and equipment. We highly encourage you to take a sleep test and receive advice on the appropriate machine to purchase at our store from our trained staff. 



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