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7 Moments A CPAP Battery Would've Been Useful

7 Moments A CPAP Battery Would've Been Useful

Here we go again - another moment where you are out and about with your amazing portable CPAP and the battery just runs dry. There are an endless amount of scenarios were that extra battery would have been a God-end. Get a good laugh over 7 times an extra battery would have made all the difference.

1. When you're out camping

Camping trips are supposed to be fun despite all the bugs, nature and dirt. If you rely on a CPAP machine, you better be sure to bring an endless supply of portable batteries. Depending on your level of extreme camping, there are no outlets in the  wilderness. Get smart, play safe and bring along at least 3 batteries for any trip under 3 days.

2. On a long train ride

Long train rides can always be a hassle and having your battery die is one of the last things you want to happen. Some trips can be as long as 5 hours and if there are delays the wait can get worse. If you need to use your CPAP in any emergency when traveling, a battery will always be a real life saver. 

3. Visiting a hotel

You planned the perfect trip and finally arrived to your hotel for the utmost comfort possible, but they might not be ready for your CPAP. What if all the outlets by the bed are being used? What if there is an incident where the hotel losers power or accidentally damage your power cord when cleaning? Anything can happen, so it is good to carry a back up even when you think you are traveling with ease.

4. During a power outage

Just as I mentioned before, power outages are one of the biggest enemies of anyone using a CPAP machine. When you least expect it, electricity can go out and you're left stuck sacrificing your health and good night's sleep. Some places won't always have a backup generator and you'll be the coolest guy around if your portable battery is doing its job that day.

5. Enjoying a cruise

You're on a giant boat in the middle of the ocean, you need electricity! While most boats are accommodating, depending no your cabin, there might not be any bedside outlets or enough of them. Just as anything bad can happen on land, bad things can happen at sea and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

6. Flying on a plane

You shouldn't be scared to go traveling just because you use a CPAP machine. You definitely will not be if you invest in a portable battery, too. Give your self the peace of mind knowing you can access your machine at any given moment without the need of extra cords and relying on a power outlet.

7. On a business trip

You never know where your company might send you and, depending on the accommodations, this place might not be CPAP ready or friendly. Keep yourself ahead of the game with a portable bag and battery kit. You'll thank yourself later knowing you came prepared and ready to dominate that business meeting after a good night's rest! 

Now that you realized no CPAP user should go without a portable battery pack, what are you waiting for? Check out our variety of packs, bundles and kits that are meant to make travel (and breathing) easy peasey!


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