Hilarious Stories From Real CPAP Users We Can All Relate To

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Surprise, surprise! The CPAP community has spoken - on Twitter! The online platform has become a hilarious outlet for CPAP users who have comical commentary and interesting stories regarding their every day lives while using CPAP machines. Take a look through some of the laughable commentary down below!

1. "Laying here with this #sleep apnea mask on. 3rd night using. 3rd night without sleep. How long did it take you to feel like you weren’t suffocating?" - Brian

Sleeping with a CPAP is never easy, but you can always read our articles and follow our tips for a good night's sleep!!

2. "Sneezing inside a CPAP mask is probably the worst." - Nicolas

I don't think the dishwasher can remove all those boogers!

3. "Day 2 of using the CPAP. Am waking up earlier than usual but not feeling tired. Is this how it is supposed to be all this while?" - Jeremy

Yes, Jeremy, That is the miracle of using a CPAP! That is how you're supposed to feel.

4. "The hum of my CPAP machine rocks me to sleep." - Steven

Usually a quiet model is recommended because the sound drives people crazy! Guess Steven really loves his CPAP more than most!

5- "My cat has learned how to turn off my CPAP in order to wake me up so I will feed him. He is an adorable monster." - Monica

Hopefully this cat doesn't have murder on his mind!

6- "Me, in bed, wearing my CPAP trying to do blogilates bedtime stretches must really be a sight." - Danielle

If this video were posted on YouTube, we believe it would immediately go viral!

7. "Gave up after two weeks. The cool part was the water came thru the hose and almost drowned me. It was great." - Rocky

Now you're really swimming with the fishes!

8. "Rue (my cat)  turned off my CPAP 6 times last night. Murder is afoot! With a very cute fluffy face." - Jed

Either cats are jealous of their owner's CPAP machines or they really are cold-blooded, cute, fluffy killers!

9. "Boys has been crawling into bed at random night hours for snuggles if late. I don’t mind but he does tend to gently touch my CPAP mask. Wife just described this as “I love you Darth Mama” and now I’m dying from laughter." - Clomday

*Imitates deep breathing noises*

10. "My CPAP has heightened my sense of smell. You don't want this on NYC mass transit." - Bunch

No one likes the smells of NYC - especially in Port Authority Bus Terminal. Yuck!

Which CPAP story had you laughing the most? Share you thoughts and stories with us on Twitter and Facebook!

1 comment

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