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The Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators For Your Needs

For individuals who experience obstructive lung disease, asthma, anemia, or other health conditions that result in low blood oxygen levels (hypoxia), oxygen therapy is an absolute must to safely enjoy everyday activities.

Oxygen concentrators ensure that users have a constant supply of oxygen by drawing in air from the surrounding environment. This air is purified and compressed so that oxygen-rich air can be supplied to the user. Portable oxygen concentrators are much smaller and more discreet than bulky oxygen tanks. This makes them easier to incorporate into your daily routine — but which device is best for you?

With a surprising number of portable oxygen concentrators to choose from, it is important to understand your options. Fortunately, Forbes recently ranked the best portable oxygen concentrators on the market — and on their list, you’ll find equipment that you can get right here at No Insurance Medical Supplies.

Which Portable Oxygen Concentrators Are Best?

portable oxygen concentrator

One encouraging takeaway from the Forbes list is that there is no shortage of quality portable oxygen concentrators to choose from.

The top-ranked portable oxygen concentrator in the Forbes list was the Precision Medical EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator 3-Liter. With a standard battery life of 5.5 hours from a single battery, a weight under 5 pounds, and a carrying bag, this device is easy to take with you on the go. The EasyPulse can also be charged in the car, and comes with a variety of setting options that are easy to switch between with a knob or buttons. Built-in alarms also provide a quick notification of any problems. This device is also available in a larger “5L” model that offers more settings.

The Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator was another of Forbes’ top-rated portable oxygen concentrators. Top-loaded batteries that can be swapped without interrupting the flow of oxygen make it quite easy to switch out batteries when needed. This device is designed with durability in mind, with features like 10-minute water resistance and a foam-encapsulated compressor ensuring that you can safely take it out and about on your adventures.

Why Choose a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

The reason to choose a portable oxygen concentrator over standard oxygen tanks is right there in the name: portability. Oxygen tanks are limited in how much oxygen they can carry. When the tank runs out, it must be replaced with a fresh tank. This can become rather hard to manage when going out, as the tanks can be quite heavy when full. Bringing multiple tanks to ensure you have enough oxygen can become an unnecessary burden.

On the other hand, oxygen concentrators simply draw in air from the surrounding environment. Special carrying cases ensure that their intake valves aren’t blocked, so that you can always get oxygen as long as there is a source of power (such as the battery, or access to a wall outlet). Replacement batteries are much lighter and easier to manage than a new oxygen tank, and the batteries are easily recharged.

With a portable oxygen concentrator, you can go about your normal routine with little interruption. This simply isn’t an option with oxygen tanks, which require extra space and planning to transport from place to place.

How to Use Your Oxygen Concentrator

woman using oxygen concentrator

While using one of the top-rated portable oxygen concentrators can greatly streamline your daily routine, there are still some best practices you should follow when using these devices. For example, it’s always a good idea to double check that your battery has been fully charged before you leave the house. Bring along a charged spare for longer outings, or if you will be using a setting that consumes battery power at a faster rate.

Before using your portable oxygen concentrator, double check that the particle filter is properly in place to eliminate airborne contaminants. Ensure that the mask or nasal cannula that you use to receive oxygen from your device are firmly attached to the oxygen concentrator’s nozzle. If you aren’t using a manufacturer’s carrying case, double check that there is adequate clearance for the intake and exhaust ports so there is enough ventilation for the device.

Wait to put on your nasal cannula or mask until your device has reached your prescribed oxygen concentration level. Most devices require just a little bit of time to “warm up” to the desired flow rate.

Finally, when using your portable oxygen concentrator at home, consider plugging it into a wall outlet whenever possible. This way, your batteries will be recharged for when you need to go out. Some devices (like the EasyPulse) can also be recharged in the car, helping extend the lifespan of your batteries when you’re out and about.

Get Your Oxygen Concentrator From No Insurance Medical Supplies

While a portable oxygen concentrator can be truly life changing, there is no denying that the cost can be quite prohibitive for individuals who don’t have quality health insurance.

This is where No Insurance Medical Supplies can make a difference. We offer several portable oxygen concentrators from Invacare and Precision Medical, with several of these products available at significant discounts off of MSRP. In addition to these savings, all purchases of $500 or more on our site can qualify for 6-month interest free financing through CareCredit, or a lease with TimePayment.

With these financial options available to make your purchase more affordable, you don’t have to be restricted from getting the equipment you need to improve your quality of life. Place your order today!


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