Z1 Travel CPAP with Powershell and Overnight Battery

Human Design Medical SKU: HD60-1000-OV
Z1 Travel  CPAP with Powershell and Overnight Battery
Z1 Travel  CPAP with Powershell and Overnight Battery
Z1 Travel  CPAP with Powershell and Overnight Battery
Z1 Travel  CPAP with Powershell and Overnight Battery

Z1 Travel CPAP with Powershell and Overnight Battery

Human Design Medical SKU: HD60-1000-OV
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The world’s smallest, lightest, most integrated cpap machine.

In development for more than three years, we looked at every part and component in a cpap machine and relentlessly attempted to improve upon it. From a smaller motor to a more compact circuit board, we whittled away every ounce of wasted space until we arrived at the Z1™; the smallest, lightest, most portable cpap machine in the world.

Small enough to travel. Powerful enough to be used every day.

The Z1™ is an ideal travel machine. It literally fits in the palm of your hand so you will never have to leave your cpap at home.

ico-quiet.png tease-light-10oz-2.png ico-battery.png
The Z1 cpap machine only makes 26 dBA of sound during operation. By cpap industry standards that is considered to be exceptionally quiet. In fact, the Z1™ is one of the quietest travel machines on the market. The Z1™ is the lightest cpap machine available anywhere. At only 10 ounces it is a great everyday machine that is also ideal for travel. The Z1 cpap system has an optional* integrated battery system that we call the PowerShell™. It delivers a full night of cord-free power on a fully-charged battery.


One of the greatest issues cpap users complain about is the difficulty in exhaling against the pressure exerted by the cpap machine. The Z1™ cpap machine uses our proprietary Z-Breathe™ algorithm that learns from your breathing pattern and relieves machine pressure on exhalation.

  • Z1 CPAP Device HD60-1000
  • Overnight Battery HD60-7050
  • PowerShell HD60-7020
  • Battery Shuttle HD60-7030
  • Power Supply & Cord HD60-6010
  • 1 HME (Heat Moisture Exchanger)
  • USB A to Micro B Cable HD60-6300
  • 4ft Slim Style CPAP Tube HD60-2010
  • CPAP Tube Adapter HD60-5020
  • End Cap HD60-5011
  • Filter (2–1 installed in Z1, 1 in box) HD60-3020
  • Z1 Getting Started Guide HD40-0005
  • User Guide HD40-0007
  • PowerShell Getting Started Guide HD40-0012

CPAP Size (Approx) 6.48 x 3.30 x 2.02 Inches
CPAP Weight (Approx) 10 oz.
Power Supply Size (Approx) 3.75 x 1.75 x 1.25 inches
Power Supply Weight (Approx) 4 oz.
FAA Approved Approved by the FAA for use on all commercial flights within the US and all international flights that depart or arrive in the US. Always contact your airline prior to your flight to confirm any requirements they may have -- such as a copy of your prescription and/or a letter of medical necessity -- for allowing your CPAP on board.
Mask Compatibility Compatible with all CPAP/BiPAP Masks
Tubing Compatibility The Z1 CPAP includes a Custom Tube Adapter that is compatible with all Standard and Performance CPAP Tubing. For proper operation the Tube Adapter MUST ALWAYS be in place when using the Z1 CPAP Machine.
Operating Modes CPAP, CPAP with Ramp, Standby
Pressure Range 4cm to 20cm H2O
Default Pressure 8cm H2O
Ramp Time 0 to 45 min
Ramp Start Pressure 4 to CPAP Pressure
Altitude Compenstation Automatic Up To 8000 Feet
Sound Levels Less than 26 dBA Average
Comfort Technologies Z-Breathe (Settings 1-Minimum, 2-Maximum)
Leak Compensation Automatic
Oxygen Use NOT compatible with Supplemental Oxygen
Humidification Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) included for optional use.
Data Storage 30 Days of Storage Onboard
Compliance Information Events and time of use.
Universal Power Supply AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
External Power Supply Yes
Power Options

AC Power - Z1 comes with a Universal AC Power Supply used with a wall outlet. When traveling to countries outside the United States you may need to attach a plug adaptor. The Universal AC Power Supply will automatically convert voltage for you.
DC Power - Sleep in your truck, your boat, your camper, at home and away from home. It’s easy with Z1. Z1 can be powered by an optional Mobile DC Cord that plugs into a standard DC power supply without fear of draining your vehicle’s battery.
Optional PowerShell Battery Pack - Sleeping under the stars or on a plane? Z1 delivers your therapy if there’s no power, if the power goes out, or if you just don’t want to plug it in. The Z1 PowerShell will give you up to 2 night's sleep per battery between charges.

Dimensions (Approx) PowerShell - 6.00 x 4.25 x 3.00 Inches
Battery Module - 4.00 x 3.75 x 1.50 Inches
Weight (Approx) PowerShell - 8 Ounces
Battery Module - 9 Ounces
Battery Type 14.4v Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Battery Capacity

45 WH (Watt Hours)

Battery Life Rated at 2/3 Capacity After 300 Complete (not partial) Charge Cycles.
Run Times (Average) 1-2 Nights Per Battery Module Depending on Settings
Recharge Times (Average) Up to 8 Hours When Fully Depleted
Usage For best performance Battery Modules should be fully charged prior to first use. For complete care and use instructions, refer to the manual that came with your Z1 CPAP or PowerShell.

z1-user-manual.png getting-started-guide.png z1-tube-insertion.png faa-z1-compliance-letter.png
Z1™ User Manual Z1™ Getting Started Guide Z1™ Tube Insertion Reference FAA Z1 Compliance Letter

PowerShell™ Getting Started Guide


Data Viewer
PC-only Desktop software for the Z1 CPAP and the Z1 Auto

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